A weekend without travel and a day to be very Portland by visiting the XOXO fest where Summer was selling prints and we shot the shit with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. And then a walk over to a bike kid-thingy where Ms. Nieto was taking photos and looking tuff. It was possibly […]

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Bon Voyage Browns!

They begin the next phase of their life 180 miles to the south of Portland in the land of (looking at Wikipedia) Deschutes Brewery. I raise a bottle of Green Lakes to you, my friends! Roberta Jane and Wiley. Tiny and Beth. The Wolf. Dennis and Ms. Nieto.

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3 Non Joggers

So my husband and his two friends have this podcast that they record once a week in a wood paneled basement somewhere in Portland. There is a leather sofa and X-Box in the basement, thank you for asking. In the wood paneled, leather couch basement these three friends ramble on about beer and tea and Gu and […]

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Impossible Trip Home

The trip started in Portland, continued for twelve hours in Los Angeles, and was supposed to wrap up after a  two-day drive through the flatlands of California and Oregon. The goal of this trip was to retrieve Russ from his four-month long stint working for the Hollywood machine in Southern California and bring him back […]

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My Next Adventure…

…is an extension of my childhood. I grew up camping in the middle of nowhere with a rock-hounding dad and this summer I get to go out and shoot a TV show on archaeological dig sites.In the middle of nowhere.My mom took that photo above of my sister and I. I’m not sure where it […]

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Hello there, sweet baby girl.

Voted “Least Likely to Want Any Sort of Attention Drawn to Myself”, Melissa still let me tag along through out her and Paul’s pregnancy, including being at the ultrasound to find out if Truly was a girl or a boy with some other name. If it were a boy, I voted for Frank. Or Fritz. Ask […]

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Laydy Tyme Photo Shoot

Laydy Tyme = Leah, Kimi and Justine. Leah and Kimi are the photographers, Justine is the stylist and brought awesome Bobby who does the hairs. And me, I’m the on-set Polaroid photographer. That’s how we do it. If this photo could speak it would say: Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Stick to the rivers and the […]

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Johnny ♥ Kate

Kate and Johnny Awesome (not their actual last name, although it could be) chose the lovely and talented Kimi Kolba to photograph their wedding day AND added Kimi’s Polaroid Please package (me!)! Thank you Kimi for being you. And thank you Kate and Johnny for letting us share your special day.

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Amy celebrated her third year in Portland with some grillin’ four stories high. I celebrated by taking Polaroids with filters and making everyone with sunglasses look directly into the sun. Miss Amy Nieto Ms. Sacred Nicolle Lotus Ms. Design Summer Is Mine Miss Whitney Revivify Mr. Tuttle, Esq.

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‘Roid Week

…… Four years ago, Lori and Cate introduced me to my first ‘Roid Week and I will always love them for it. Well, I’d love them without ‘Roid Week. Come on.  My collection of Polaroid cameras was already growing to the point of obnoxious by 2007, and being part of a group that loved the process of Polaroid as much as […]

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All Up And Down

“Oh, you’re from Oregon (Washington can also fit here)! It’s so green and beautiful.” Yes. Yes it is. Until you’re about an hour and a half east of Portland (Seattle can also fit here), then it is high desert complete with tumbleweeds and sage brush. Not pictured here: tumbleweeds and sage brush. I need to […]

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Close & Up

Once again, I brought out the Macro for the Polaroid Spectra that my friend George sent me a few years ago. And even though all the Polaroid Spectra film in the whole entire world has been expired for almost 2 years, it’s still beautiful and I will still buy it as long as I can. […]

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Visiting Claire

It’s your birthday little lady and for your birthday  I finally finished (okay, I may have just finished it AROUND your birthday by chance) off the roll of film from my visit with you where we both had migraines and watched Australia’s Next Top Model. Side note: why isn’t there a Scotland’s Next Top Model so […]

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Holga Goes to the Beach

The Man from Berlin didn’t want to go to the beach. It had been raining. It had been cold. Cold enough for him to put on a second pair of socks. But we gently recommended it every half hour or so until there we were. At the beach. When it came time to go, we […]

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Near Mexico to Near Canada

We worked our way up from Los Angeles to near the Canadian border. Los Angeles felt familiar but not like home. I knew where to go to get the shot of The Strip and where to get the sunset reflecting off the buildings of Downtown. While the DP got the shimmer of the sunset, I […]

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Lava Beds

A few months later, I was up at the pub and started talking to a couple at one of the booths. “Oh you just moved here? Where from?” I asked. “Klamath Falls.”, the smaller one said. “I was just there on a shoot in the Lava Beds!” I got a little too excited about this, […]

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My Job

I get to go behind the curtain, behind the shelving, behind the “No Admittance” and “Personal Only” doors. Up the stairs passed the red velvet ropes, and off the marked trails. I get to hear the academic stories and the personal tales. I get to sift through photos of grandparents, and of uncles of people […]

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