All Up And Down

“Oh, you’re from Oregon (Washington can also fit here)! It’s so green and beautiful.”

Yes. Yes it is.

Until you’re about an hour and a half east of Portland (Seattle can also fit here), then it is high desert complete with tumbleweeds and sage brush.

Not pictured here: tumbleweeds and sage brush. I need to get my arse out there.

4 thoughts on “All Up And Down

  1. I’ve heard of this tumbleweed and sage brush part of Oregon! Aren’t there supposed to be some RADass (yeah, I said it) camping grounds way out yonder? I forget any specific names, but an old college professor told me there was a certain spot in Eastern Oregon that didn’t fall victim to ye olde light pollution – so, legend has it, the sky is pretty mind blowing at night.

  2. I’m partial to Oregon’s green and beautiful parts because I’ve got enough tumbleweeds and sagebrush of my own, but you should get your arse out there. The tree farms are pretty damned cool too.

    PS: I freaking love your blog.

    • There is a plan in motion for my ass to be out there soon! I want to see the painted hills my mom has taken so many beautiful photos of. I plan on Polaroiding the hell out of them.

      P.S. That means a ton coming from you Miss ‘Roid:)

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