‘Roid Week


Four years ago, Lori and Cate introduced me to my first ‘Roid Week and I will always love them for it. Well, I’d love them without ‘Roid Week. Come on.  My collection of Polaroid cameras was already growing to the point of obnoxious by 2007, and being part of a group that loved the process of Polaroid as much as I did was inspiring.

Back then, my friend Scott was helping expand my habit by introducing me to the world of the peel apart which seemed so extreme to me at the time. He taught me the ins and outs of the Land Camera and thus, the collection of Polaroids continued to grow.

And twice a year in the Flickrverse, the number of contributors to ‘Roid Week grew as well. In 2006, they had 80 members. The next year that number was up to 413. By 2010–two years after Polaroid announced that they would stop production on their instant film–almost 1,800 people belonged to the group. A testament to Lori, Cate and their much loved PolaNerd group.

Which now makes me want to start a group called PolaNerd.

As I pack up my house for my husband’s and my upcoming move, Polaroid cameras keep on popping up. I open a cupboard, closet, drawer and I find the paraphenalia: a black paper card, a spent cardridge, a torn box, a broken SX70. And besides thinking about all the trash I’ve accumulated with my choice in cameras, I think about which camera to bring out the world with me today.

And right now, I’m feeling the Spectra.

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Fall 2010

P.S. For some more ‘Roid Week love go see this cute couple. 

13 thoughts on “‘Roid Week

  1. I am a fan of your ‘Roids. Oh yes.
    Your stage name should be Spectra McGarry but then you’d sound like you’ve been brought up by hippies.

    I so want to be part of ‘Roid Week again – but I have no film! And no money! For weeks now I have tried to decide how I can justify ordering more film and I couldn’t. 😦 OH, Polaroid, I miss you so.

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