3 Non Joggers

So my husband and his two friends have this podcast that they record once a week in a wood paneled basement somewhere in Portland. There is a leather sofa and X-Box in the basement, thank you for asking.

In the wood paneled, leather couch basement these three friends ramble on about beer and tea and Gu and taking care of “business” whilst running. And they say it all into microphones.

And once a week they put all these chats up on iTunes for people to listen to while they’re drinking beer, or tea, or eating Gu, or taking care of “business” whilst they are running.

P.S. TrailRunnerMag.com? You are awesome. 

2 thoughts on “3 Non Joggers

  1. disappointed no mention of Gary’s headphone trash nor his inability to return tupperware. otherwise, great article, congrats guys.

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